The essence of samba, rap, maracatu, afro-beat, pop, funk and reggae – that is EMERSOUND, created by the charismatic Brazilian full-blooded musician
Emerson Araújo. He began his musical career as a percussionist at the well-known samba school “Vai Vai”, which has won the São Paulo carnival several times.

Although his music is rooted in samba, it is very individual, free from genre boundaries and full of “suingue”.

Emerson Araújo combines traditional rhythms with modern hip hop and popular Hispanic music styles to create his EMERSOUND – an urban and extremely energetic mix of samba, reggae, rap and funk – music that delights audiences everywhere and is absolutely danceable. The highlight, however, is experiencing the irresistible EMERSOUND grooves as a live performance in concert. With his authentic style, the charismatic frontman Emerson Araújo interacts skillfully with his audience and interactively involves them in his shows. He is accompanied by a fantastic live band that he has hand-picked from experienced and well-rehearsed musicians. EMERSOUND takes you into his own world with his modern music, which evades all the usual samba or Latino clichés. And there is plenty of rhythm full of verve in it that captivates everyone and doesn’t let them stand still.

You can experience him on Samba-Friday on Albertsplatz.