The program booklet, buttons and tickets can be ordered online again in 2025.

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More Brazil is not possible! Get the Caipi box – the original mix from the International Samba-Festival in Coburg – conveniently for your home!

Sambaco, the founders of the International Samba-Festival in Coburg and PITÚ, the No. 1 cachaça brand from Brazil, have joined forces and developed the Caipi box – the perfect combination of convenience and delicious enjoyment. Discover the authentic Brazilian attitude to life! Enjoy the lightness of the samba feeling and experience the unmistakable Caipi taste that only comes from using original PITÚ from Brazil.

Caipi simply tapped: glass with crushed ice & 4 – 5 sliced pieces of lime, insert straw – the Caipi is ready. The Caipi box fits comfortably in every fridge. Your Brazilian evening can start! Order your Caipi box now and immerse yourself in the world of exotic pleasure. Brazilian flair, easy to take home!

You can order the Samba Caipi box (3 litres) for €34.99 from our partner Destillerie Möbus here.

Program booklet

You can buy the 2025 print version of the program booklet in 2025.


Buttons can be bought online or at the information stands at the festival in 2025.

Tickets 2025

You can get online tickets for the Samba-Festival 2025 in advance in a few months.