Edison Carneiro Prize

In Rio de Janeiro, the International Samba Festival Coburg was awarded the Edison Carneiro Prize for the best Samba event outside Brazil. The prize was awarded during the “Congresso International do Samba”, the International Samba Congress, by the Edison Carneiro friends’ association. The International Samba Festival Coburg won first place in the category „“Best and most significant event“. The jury, which included representatives of the museum of art, the tourist office and the Rio de Janeiro city government, believe the Coburg Samba Festival is the “Best Samba Event outside Brazil“.

Bavarian Export Prize 2011

The Samba Festival has been awarded the Bavarian Export Prize 2011 in the category “Incoming Tourism” by the Bavarian Ministry of Economics. In 2012, Bavaria’s Minister for Economics Martin Zeil honoured the organisers’ work: “Our prize-winners are internationally sought after and their excellent ideas inspire people all over the world.” The organisers of the Samba Festival particularly thanked the visitors, groups, helpers, partners, sponsors and all of the local residents in Coburg for their support. Without them, this award would not have been possible!

Heimatpreis Bayern

In July 2018, the initiators of the Samba Festival were awarded the Heimatpreis by the Bavarian State Ministry of Finance, Regional Development and Heimat. Prime Minister Dr. Markus Söder and Home Secretary Dr. Hans Reichhart thanked everyone involved for their enormous commitment, with which a small piece of Brazil is brought to Upper Franconia every year.

“With the award, we honor people who have made a difference to our Bavarian way of life. This includes not only costume and tradition, but also our cosmopolitanism and the willingness to think outside the box. All of you here have been campaigning for this lifestyle with passion, creativity and rhythm for a long time at the International Samba Festival in Coburg – probably the largest Samba Festival outside of Rio. We would like to say a big thank you with this award,” says Reichhart.

Citizens’ Medal of the City of Coburg

The initiators of the Samba-Festival were awarded the Citizens’ Medal of the City of Coburg in October 2016. The former Mayor Norbert Tessmer thanked the Samba-Festival inventors Rolf and Christof for their commitment to making the city of Coburg even better known through the festival!

“Samba belongs to Coburg like the Coburg bratwurst,” says Tessmer.

“Every year the Samba-Festival attracts many participants and visitors from different countries of origin. This is celebrated peacefully and amicably with each other. Acquaintances develop, sometimes even friendships. This is not just a win for our city, but for our entire society that should not be underestimated today.”

The festival team says THANK YOU for the great recognition