We wanted our name to make a direct reference to our city.
Sambaco was founded by Rolf Beyersdorf, Michael Häfner and Christof Pilarzyk. Today, Rolf Beyersdorf, is the head of the Samba-Festival. At the beginning the festival was organized “from the living room table”, but after a short time it was no longer possible. Sambaco urgently needed lots of helpers.

A great team

Around 30 people are working behind the scenes to set up the Samba-Festival: musical direction, press/PR, market manager, caretaker, catering, office organization, social media team, booth staff, sound and stage technology, cashiers, construction team, security and many more.

Manpower at the festival                                    
The market masters work with the stand organization to determine which stands are in which location, where, for example, Coburg sausages can be found and where Brazilian fejoada can be found. In doing so, they have to pay attention to the dimensions of the stands, compliance with escape routes and the location of hydrants, food law regulations, competitive situations and much more. The information points are also part of the area of responsibility: tourists and those seeking help are advised there at the festival and all possible problems are solved.

Liters of Caipi
Those, who are responsible at the bar, sell the Caipirinha mixed according to the secret Sambaco recipe to thirsty throats and take care of the staff at the bar stands.  The stand managers naturally take care of setting up the stands, procuring enough beer benches, barriers on the stages and pavilions to protect against sudden weather changes.

Press from all over the world
Press work includes the production of the programme, writing and placing press texts, accrediting press representatives who want to write a report about our festival, simply banging the drum for the festival. Media from all over the world report annually on the Samba Festival. ZDF, ARD, OFR, Pro7 and Bavarian television have already shown great pictures from Coburg.

Samba groups are hungry
Caretakers and catering take care of providing the groups with meals and drinks: e.g. B. around 20,000 rolls, 2,000 loaves of bread, 100 kg of cheese and 100 kg of sausage just for breakfast! They provide a place to sleep in all available schools, gymnasiums and community halls and sometimes fetch toilet paper.

Hundreds of meters of cable
Our stage technicians, the construction team and the electricians ensure that things really get going on the stages: they lay kilometers of cable through the city, set up and take down the stages in just one day, set up large supply tents for the groups and pavilions, set up microphones, loudspeakers and lighting systems for the prefect Samba feeling. Our plumbers connect fresh water and waste water for the stands, laying hundreds of hoses.

Everyone in the Samba organization has a main job in “normal life” and works for the Samba Festival in their free time. We all do it with passion.