Samba buses will be on the road again this year to bring you home safely. The SÜC city night buses only run hourly from 11:30 p.m. to 3:00 a.m. The general conditions of carriage apply to all night trips. Children under 6 years are free. Tickets from the SÜC, OVF, DB, Stadt Coburg, mobile phone tickets, subscription monthly tickets and Deutschlandtickets are not valid.

Soon you will find a flyer with more information . The departure/arrival times can change.

Below you will find the provisional timetables for the lines. There may still be small changes.

By the way: there are still great places to stay along the bus routes!

Park & Ride

If you arrive by car, you can use the P+R that has been set up. Every 15-30 minutes you can get to the city center from the HUK-Coburg arena and Landratsamt car parks. Departure times are going to be published soon.