Capoeira Rei 2023 – powered by Pitú

This year, he will be chosen again : The “Capoeira Rei” – the king of Capoeira!

On Sunday, July 16, 2023 at 3:30 p.m., the best capoeira fighters will compete with and against each other at the Schlossplatz. In the disciplines of pair fights and solo acrobatics, the spectators are offered daring jumps and the toughest fights. The participants meet at 2 p.m. behind the Schlossplatz stage.

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    • Clothing: Please appear in white traditional Capoeira trousers.
    • The traditional Capoeira (pair fight) or Capoeira Show (solo acrobatics) are judged. Of course you can register for only one of the two categories.
    • A roda must be done on the stage or the traditional Capoeira has to be performed as a pair fight.
    • Each couple/capoeirista has one minute for the presentation.
    • With the registration, all image and film rights are transfered to Sambaco (including social media).
    • All Capoeiristas perform at their own risk! Sambaco assumes no liability!