Dance competition


on 8 July at 11.30 pm at the Kongresshaus Coburg

Not only Brazilians have "fire in their asses..." - at the dance competition, a Dutch and a Russian woman have also competed for the title of "PITÚ Rainha da Bateria" - the queen of the samba group. The decisive factors are choreography, sense of rhythm and skilful presentation - every step has to be spot on! The best dancer is chosen by the jury and the audience votes for their favourite. The three first-place winners will present themselves to the audience on Sunday, 10 July, at 2 pm.

Conditions of entry

The musical accompaniment is live (Samba, Samba enredos); own CDs or recordings are not admissible. Only Rio samba is danced at the competition. Musicality, samba step, expression and choreography will be judged. All usage rights to image and film are assigned to Sambaco with the registration. Anyone may participate, provided they are not engaged at the festival. Minimum age is 18.

Procedure of the competition

Numbers will be handed out on Friday, 8 July at 10 pm in the foyer of the Kongresshaus. The best 10 dancers will reach the final round. The final will take place directly afterwards on the Schlossplatz stage. The finalists will dance in groups of five with a two-minute dance time. The award ceremony will take place at around 1.30 am. The times depend on the remaining program and are subject to change.


1. Place: €400

2. Place: €200

3. Place: €100

4. Place: an attractive cosmetic set


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