Three Day Samba Spectacle

From Friday to Sunday evening "Samba-Total"

The following artist have already committed for the Samba Festival 2022:


The Queen of the Samba Festival 2022 - Camila Silva and the Princess - Deisiane De Jesus

The Samba Queen and the Samba Princess appear as follows on the weekend:

  • Friday at 8.30 pm during the opening of the Samba Festival at the Schlossplatz
  • Saturday at 10.45 pm during the show of Nice Ferreira at the Schlossplatz
  • Sunday at 11.30 am during the Rhythm for peace at the Schlossplatz

Brazilian superstar is coming to the Festival

Carla Visi, known as the singer of the Band "Cheiro de Amor" has many of the most successful songs of Axé Music, who composes and interprets Bahian Carnival Music. In her songs, the artist also incorporates Frevos and Galopps, the rhythms which have also dominated the Carnival at all times. The singer is one of the most versatile musical ambassadors for her home country Brazil. A rich, cheerful music show, performed by one of the most beautiful voices Axé Music has to offer to the world! Those who want to experience Carla Visi at the Samba Festival 2022 can do so at the Schlossplatz stage on Saturday, 9th of July at 8.30 pm.


In July, we are also able to welcome AAINJAA here in Coburg. AAINJAA is a Columbian Samba-Reggae show group from Bogotá. The founder, Homero Cortés will also offer a workshop at the Samba Festival. You can experience AAINJAA on all 3 Samba days.

Here is a small taste for you on video. We are looking forward to it!

Roda de Samba at the Schlossplatz

For the first time in Coburg, Viva o Samba, a Pagoda and Samba Band of the best!

The ten boys from Brazil are living in Lisbon and were guests of "The Voice of Portugal".

Since then, they are known as "the best Samba Band from Portugal". Our audience can see them at the Samba Festival on Friday 8th of July at 10.30 pm. The Schlossplatz will boil over from the energy and the Brazilian flair!

In order to bridge the time until then, you can gain a first impression here.

Nice Ferreira

The native Brazilian from Rio de Janeiro and citizen of Coburg for the past 17 years, (Nini) Nice Ferreira will present her new Samba Funk Show at the Kongresshaus stage on Saturday, 9th of July. As "Mc Nice", the energetic and vivacious singer, dancer and choreographer will be accompanied by 18 dancers, Murilo Santana on percussions and DJ Crell at the controls. The singer has two ballet dancers from Brazil as her guests - Guilherme Carola and Lucas Correa. The performance will start at 10.45 pm sharp at the Schlossplatz stage. Here you find excerpts from the performances of the past years.

Vando Oliveira

Born in Rio de Janeiro to a well-known family of musicians, Vando Oliveira has "music in his soul" (quote)! Son of samba manager Tina-Flor and musician Nego, and nephew of Neguinho da Beija-Flor, he grew up in an extremely musical environment. The singer, composer and multi-instrumentalist mixes the essence of samba, the power of funk and the class of MPB (Brazilian Popular Music) in his songs. On Saturday, 9 July, he will also perform with his "Roda de Samba" on the stage in the Kongresshaus from 12 midnight and on Sunday at 5 pm on the Schlossplatz stage.

Here is a small sample of an official music video.

Osmar Oliveira

The legendary Brazilian band "Sambatuque Brasil" was founded 38 years ago by percussionist and singer Osmar Oliveira in Munich. Osmar has been an integral part of the Coburg Samba Festival from the very beginning and exudes pure rhythm and joie de vivre with his Brazilian thoroughbred musicians! "Sambatuque Brasil" will play on Friday, 8 July, on the stage at Ehrenburg Castle.

For all those who can't wait until July, here is an excerpt of his music.


Paulo Lopes

Animator, presenter, lambada world champion and fitness guru. Paulo has also been closely associated with the Samba Festival since 1995 and brings every audience to the boil within minutes.

Paulo can be seen with his group Capoeira Stuttgart on Saturday at 9 pm on the Schlossplatz stage, but Paulo Lopes can be experienced throughout the samba weekend.

Dj Crell

Dj Crell is a Brazilian DJ born in Recife-Pernambuco. He gained notoriety in Europe with his event "Baile do Crell". He currently lives in Frankfurt, the city that hosted the first edition of this event in Germany in 2017. Since then, "Baile do Crell" has been held in several cities in Germany, such as Düsseldorf, Cologne, Munich, Stuttgart and Nuremberg. This year, the first edition of "Baile do Crell" will take place at the Samba Festival Coburg

The event is based on "Funk", a music style from the USA, adapted to the Brazilian style, which is played in the favelas of Brazil. Today, the so-called BAILE FUNK is one of the most played rhythms in Brazil and is also known worldwide.

BAILE FUNK is an original rhythm from the favelas of Brazil. Nowadays, there are many derivatives of the style, for example Brega Funk, Trapfunk, Pisiero Funk and many more. In Germany and Europe, we now have a representative of Baile Funk, namely Dj Crell.

Dj Crell can be seen at the Samba Festival on 8 July (Friday) and 9 July (Saturday) from midnight at the Kongresshaus. He will also be supporting the Cappoeira competition on 10 July (Sunday).

You can get a funky feeling before the festival here.

Rhythm for peace

On Sunday, Rhythm for Peace will take place at 11:30 a.m. at the Schlossplatz. All the groups will play together.